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Q: What is an Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP)?
An ALUCP is a planning document that contains policies for promoting safety and compatibility between public use airports and the communities that surround them. Los Angeles County ALUC has adopted the comprehensive Los Angeles County Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan that covers all of the airports within its jurisdiction. The document was formerly known as the Los Angeles County Airport Land Use Plan and the Los Angeles County Airport ALUC Comprehensive Land Use Plan. ALUC has also adopted separate ALUCPs for Fox Airfield and Brackett Field Airport. An ALUCP for an individual airport supersedes the County-wide ALUCP.
Q: What is an Airport Master Plan (AMP)?
An AMP is an airport-sponsored, comprehensive planning study that usually describes existing conditions as well as interim and long-term development plans for the airport that will enable it to meet future aviation demand. The AMP is reviewed by ALUC and approved by California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).
Q: What is an Airport Layout Plan (ALP)?
An ALP is a scaled drawing of existing and proposed airport facilities including airport property lines and the information required to demonstrate conformance with applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. ALPs are reviewed by ALUC and approved by FAA.
Q: What is an Airport Influence Area (AIA)?
An AIA is the area which current or future airport-related noise, over flight, safety, and/or airspace protection factors may significantly affect land uses or necessitate restrictions on those uses. It includes airport owned property, Runway Protection Zones (RPZ), inner & outer safety zones and Community Noise Equivalent Level (CNEL) contours.
Q: What are the roles of various government agencies in airport planning?
Q: What is the difference between a Minor and Major Aviation (AV) Case?
A Minor AV Case is for proposed heliports and receives an administrative review at a lower fee. A Major AV Case is for projects located within Airport Influence Areas (AIA)s or that may impact AIAs such as a plan or zoning update. A Major AV Case requires ALUC review and a deposit.
Q: How do I apply for an AV permit and what is the procedure for processing an AV case?
Aviation Application Form (PDF or Word) .
Q: What is the timeline for processing a Major AV Case?
  1. Staff reviews application for completeness within 30 days of submittal.
  2. ALUC completes its review of the case within 60 days of the application being deemed complete and prior to the local jurisdiction taking action on the project.
Q: Where are ALUC’s agendas posted?

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